Endurance Review Website Features Blundstone Ducati Boots

Blundstone boots were featured in late March 2017 on Endurance Review, a blog that focuses on running, biking and the endurance sport lifestyle overall. The site took a closer look at the Ducati Scrambler Limited edition series and its "unique styling and construction that makes it a one of a kind."

From its comfort and shock absorption ability, to its removable footbeds with extra XRD® Technology in the heel pad - Gelder Lewis notes that it is well worth the investment, as well as the pair of boots being "an attractive boot for any motorcycle enthusiast", "can handle a hike and are great for camping" and "It is the most comfortable boot I have ever worn!"

Read the full article at: http://endurancereview.com/lifestyle/blundstone-ducati-scrambler-limited-edition-boots/

And find the Style 800 Ducati Scrambler Limited Edition Boots, available for men and women at: http://www.blundstone.com/shop/voltan-black-mens-or-womens-leather-motorcycle-boots-style-800