Christoph Hammel


Kirchheim, Germany

For Christoph Hammel, wine making is more than just a job—it’s pure passion.

Christoph believes that nothing is more constant than change. He spent his childhood running through the vines of a traditional Rhine-Valley wine estate, founded in 1723, and is now running the winery. To Christoph, being an eighth-generation winemaker is a lifelong voyage.

When you grow up in a 300 year old winery, in a place where the Romans started wine making 2,000 years ago, wine is in your veins.

His journey started by studying oenology in Vienna, Austria, followed by time as a cellar master in Cape Town, South Africa. From there he went on to gain experience in winemaking in the world– famous Marlborough, New Zealand, the renowned Napa Valley, California USA and the island of Mallorca in Spain. Christoph believes deeply in the magic of bringing traditional craftsmanship and modern technique together.

To Christoph, a wine is only as good as the passion and love provided by the people creating it. He is convinced that no matter what you do or what you produce, the will to offer the best quality possible is the only way to make the people fall in love with your product. A philosophy we wholeheartedly subscribe to.