Jay Som


California, USA

First album at 12. First tour at 13. Meet Melina Duterte, better known as Jay Som.

The 26 year old is a bedroom-pop singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Melina grew up playing the trumpet and guitar and began writing and recording music at the tender age of 12.

Every musician has tough boots to fill—we have one of the most unnatural jobs in the world

Her first release consisted of nine tracks, launched on online music platform Bandcamp in November 2015. From there, Melina was quickly snapped up by label Polyvinyl records and her first “official” album Everybody Works was released in March 2017 to critical acclaim, landing on the “Best of” lists from publications such as Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and Billboard. A year later, at the age of 13, Melina toured with The National in Dublin, Ireland and released an EP, consisting of five tracks that were recorded in her home studio.

This wunderkind describes herself as an “introverted extrovert”, who loves the collaboration of making music—building relationships and combining forces to create something special. Her latest project is just that. And Other Things was created with her partner in music and life, Annie under the stage name Routine. The EP was written and recorded in just one month after Melina’s 2020 European tour was postponed, proof that creativity and talent can flourish in even the most trying of circumstances.

The world at her feet at just 26 years old? Consider those tough boots filled.

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