Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dynamic duo Ko & Kiki are a creative powerhouse, who ground themselves in nature. 

Growing up in a family who live and breathe music and theatre, it was only natural that Ko would build a career around performing. For more than 10 years, Ko has played with his band Jungle by Night in over 38 countries—in fact, he estimates he’s played more than 690 concerts. Kiki’s creative outlet is photography, particularly portraits where she can capture the strength and vulnerability of her subjects in an image.

When we have a day off, we’re often outside. We’re lucky enough to have our own garden, where we can relax and grow our own food.

Jungle by Night have been all over the world—from Japan to Canada, to almost every country in Europe. This year, however has been a time to slow down. With restrictions on travel, Ko has been locking himself away in his attic, producing new music and somehow finding the time to star in three Dutch movies, to be released shortly.

As a photographer, Kiki’s constantly seeking interesting stories and people. Her favourite project saw her travel to Uganda, to capture the story of the Kumi Hospital Foundation who invest in health care for pregnant women and babies in local communities.

Together Ko and Kiki find rejuvenation in nature. They’ve found calm amongst the craziness of 2020 in their home, just outside of Amsterdam. Here they grow their own herbs, fruit and vegetables and take inspiration for their next creative pursuit from the magic of the outdoors.

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