Meet the Sydney band that rock Blundstone boots. Polish Club is a two-piece indie-rock band from Sydney, with John-Henry as drummer and Novak as lead singer. The exciting rock duo were winners of the 2015 Triple J ‘Come Together’ festival competition. The band draws inspiration from artists such as Jacques Dutronc and Otis Redding.

We pulled Novak aside to tell us the inspiration behind their album.

Tell us a bit about your debut album, Alright Already. What's the inspiration behind it?

Album's are a bit of a weird right of passage for artists these days. The whole concept of listening to a full length release has become a thing of the past, with people just picking and choosing singles and tracks from streaming services and the like. Despite that, we found that people still hold album releases in a certain high regard. John and I still find a certain romance and in the process of assembling an album. We wanted it to be a perfect microcosm of our songwriting. People seem to focus on us playing short, loud and fast rock songs, as is what has been conveyed in our singles, but we wanted to strike a balance between that and a slower, more brooding style too.

Where are you guys at the moment? What's coming up tour date wise and where are you looking forward to playing?

We’re about to head off on our biggest tour yet, in venues twice the size as last time and in cities we haven’t been to before. On stage is where we’re most comfortable and where we get the most satisfaction - being able to get right in the face of our fans and trying to win over people new to our music.

What's your go to outfit for performing?

All black everything. It’s just easy and tends to make me look more together than I really am, while I’m sweating and going for it on stage. I always wear a button up black shirt pants and boots, because hey, it’s a show, people have paid to see you play, so I’m not about to rock up in an oversized tee and ripped jeans. If nothing else, it makes me feel like I’m out there to perform and not just be comfortable and breeze through it. Also, the floor tends to be a nightmare of beer, blood, sweat and live cables, so the boots aren’t just for show.

What else are you listening to the moment? What's on your playlist?

Soulwax just dropped a new album, which I’m listening to on repeat. They’re a Belgian band, who started as a grunge rock band in the 90s and have become one of the most respected electronic artists in the world, which I find is an interesting, unusual trajectory. Also, this album was apparently recording in one long take (which I’m not sure that I believe but hey, it’s a great gimmick). I’m also digging Gang Of Youth’s new single, which is super emotional, as well as Methyl Ethel’s delightful song about someone getting a haircut (I’m sure there’s a metaphor in there or something but I don’t care).