Quite possibly, the most durable, most comfortable boots ever made.

They are rugged, with their own natural beauty and distinctive look and feel. Built tougher than they need to be, they reflect the place they’re from. There is no place on Earth like Tasmania and no boots on Earth like the ones that were born there.

And while they have evolved in style, design, and technology over the years, the quality has never changed. They are still built as they always have been: to go anywhere, do anything, and look great every step of the way.

They are more than just boots. They are Blundstones.

Good for life.

You’d expect the best boots to come with the best guarantee. That’s why if you upgrade to the Lifetime Guarantee your Blundstone is covered for any defect in workmanship or materials for life. Not 5 years or 10 years. For life. If something is defective beyond normal wear and tear, we’ll replace them with a new pair. No questions asked. Why aren’t other boots guaranteed like Blundstones? Well, because they aren’t Blundstones.


Blundstones have the kind of iconic, rugged good looks that feel right at home wherever home is. And the way they look is matched only by how comfortable they feel. So whether you’re navigating the rugged terrain of Tasmania or the rainy sidewalks of New York City, you’ll look and feel great in a pair of Blundstones.

The Next Step in Safety.

At Blundstone, safety is part of our heritage. All of our safety footwear come with steel toe caps, but that’s just the beginning. Additional safety features are available on select styles, designed to provide optimum protection against impact and penetration, plus resistance to cuts, chemicals, heat, electrical hazards, rolling forces, and other foreign stimulus. Since 1870, we have proven that nothing is more beautiful than a pair of boots that keep you safe.


Comfort and durability mean everything to us. Since 1870, we've been developing new ways to provide unmatched comfort and protection from the elements. We invest heavily in research and collaborate with our partners to access the best and latest technologies available.

Comfort Footbed

XRD® Extreme Impact Protection built into the soles provides superior shock absorption and comfort.

Sole Protection

Blundstone's sole construction is designed and engineered to reduce fatigue and orthopaedic problems in the lower back, legs and feet.

Leather Quality

Our leathers are sourced from the world’s best tanneries for superior protection from the elements and extremely long wear.


The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance program recognises products beneficial to foot health. This independent approval is awarded after careful scientific evaluation to identify products of exceptional quality that are manufactured with consumers’ comfort, and safety in mind.

* Please refer to individual style details to see which features are applicable.

** XRD® is a registered trademark of Rogers Corporation.