Our Commitment to Quality

Blundstone is committed to:

1. Planning and management outcomes focussed on delivering value for our customers and end users.

2. Producing and delivering quality products, services and experiences.

3. Being an exemplary employer, supplier and partner.

4. Encouraging and developing staff and ensuring organisational practices are of the highest standards.

How do we do this? Blundstone will achieve these quality objectives through:

  • establishing, monitoring and reporting against an effective and rigorous Quality Management System that is aligned with our stated Company Values
  • demonstrating a commitment to the principles of rigour, consistency, safety, innovation, and collaboration as a design led business
  • ensuring our consumers and customers are embedded in our development and review processes so we deliver products, services and experiences that exceed their wants and needs
  • seeking to identify and mitigate risk through continually improving┬áthe quality of our processes, materials, products and services across the business
  • investing in the development of our people around the world by driving a value set that encapsulates legal, ethical and responsible outputs across all modes of operation
  • proactive engagement in and contribution to industry mechanisms for certification

Our company is committed to monitoring and documenting continual quality improvement through implementing, monitoring and complying with the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which covers all the company's operations and applies to all employees.