SGB Online sat down with Joe Carfora, Blundstone’s global product and design director, to discuss the future of Blundstone, including the celebration of 150 years in 2020.

He talks about the new updates, such as the upcoming "womens series" (following on from the recent Chelsea Boot trend, the new women's heeled boot has a more narrow foot and heel area) for Blundstone, as well as the history of Blundstone, who still use the same leather tanning process they used in 1870 and the growth of the brand into over 55 countries in recent years.

Over those years, many things have held true, such as the rustic brown leather boot continuing to be the most popular Blundstone boot to date - while some new trends such as fashion and outdoor styles merging in the market overall, along with celebrities such as David Beckham being seen wearing Blundstones.

That said, it is all about the boots themselves that has helped make the brand reach the 150 year milestone. "If you look at our leathers, we use very high-grade leathers in the thickness of our leathers versus what some of the other brands use. It’s one of the keys that we see as quality and that sets us apart."

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