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Research and Development

We’ve been crafting boots since the 1800s. So we reckon we know a thing or two about comfort, quality and safety.

Embarking on a continuous research and development program, we strive to be the best in our field. We have 145 years of know-how when it comes to boot making, and we’ve built on that knowledge year on year.

Our research and design team based in Hobart searches the globe for the finest materials and components to create the best and latest in safety footwear.

Did you know that there are 52 bones in your feet – one quarter of all your bones? There are 66 joints and more than 200 muscles, ligaments and tendons. Your feet deserve the best.

When the foot bones are out of alignment, so is the rest of the body. Lower backache, headaches, indigestion and a misaligned spine can often be traced to foot problems.

Your feet work hard: The average person walks four times around the globe in their lifetime. 100+ tonnes of pressure are put on your feet daily – equivalent to a fully loaded cement truck.

We develop our footwear with all of this in mind – to ensure the foot is protected, and the sole is comfortable yet supportive, providing stability through the ankle and ensuring your foot bends at the correct point.

The sole comfort technology in our high-tech safety boots is also incorporated into our casual styles. So you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to look good.


We’re the pioneer in enhancing comfort in work and safety boots. We developed the patented Shock Protection System (SPS) to reduce fatigue and orthopaedic problems. Since then, we have further engineered the performance of our soles to incorporate XRD® Technology to provide superior shock absorption.

Today we are collaborating with world-leading partners to devise the next generation footwear.


We’re a heritage company that has not only embraced new technologies but actively engineered our own comfort and safety solutions.

SPS MAX sole technology has been designed to provide ultimate protection and support, reducing fatigue and orthopaedic problems in the lower back, legs and feet. SPS MAX includes XRD® Extreme Impact Protection, a lightweight, thin and breathable cushioning material that’s engineered for repeated impact and shock absorption. It absorbs up to 90% of energy at high speed impact. And this high-tech material isn’t only in our safety footwear but our casual boots too.

XRD® is a registered trademark of Rogers Corporation.


We continue to lead the way in next generation safety boots - with multi award-winning styles and the latest in technology. Our Extreme range includes seriously tough smelter boots and our mining boot range - featuring the 980 Underground Mining Boot that's received wide acclaim. We worked alongside Australian underground miners to find out exactly what they need, and then made it. Featuring world-leading technologies, the boots won the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) Award and Best in Category (Product Design - Commercial and Industrial) at the coveted Good Design Awards 2015, Australia’s oldest and most prestigious award for design and innovation.

Winners were selected from a record breaking 370 entries received worldwide. Judges commented “The 980 Underground Mining Boot represents a true understanding of the end user. This is design excellence in every regard. For a project to be recognised at this level means without doubt, it is the best of its kind in the world.”

Also the winner of the NSW Mining Innovation Award 2014, the Blundstone 980 Underground Mining Boot has fundamentally changed the way mining boots are made.

And the quick closure and simple release Boa® lacing system provides custom comfort. Using aircraft-grade steel laces, it’s free of the stretch, weight and pressure points of traditional closure systems.


The APMA Seal of Acceptance program recognises products that are beneficial to foot health. This independent approval is awarded after careful scientific evaluation.


We utilise world-leading Italian technology to manufacture our gumboot range in Hobart, Tasmania, with a capacity to manufacture 400,000 pairs a year. Our plant creates product with three premium quality PVC densities, delivering ultimate comfort, lighter weights, and extended product life. It’s great for the environment too, given our innovative world-first reprocessing of waste PVC. Catering to the diverse and demanding mining, construction, agricultural and food industries, the Blundstone gumboot range showcases the way innovation can provide better comfort and better protection for workers.