Over the last five years, the growth of our brand has seen our HQ team in Hobart increase by 50%. To support this, we are proud to have recently opened our new innovation and design centre.

Our new architecturally designed hub, affectionately dubbed “C St”, houses our Design, Marketing and Sales teams and is centred around creativity. At the heart of the building is our Design Centre, a state-of-the-art facility for our design and technical teams to innovate and prototype new products.

Our CEO Steve Gunn was heavily involved in the process, working with our Brand and Design teams to ensure a creative space that also served practical needs:

"At a practical level, the most exciting part of the new building is the ability to spread out. Our growth had resulted in us being a bit tight in our existing accommodation. My favourite element has to be the Design Centre. For the first time, the business has a space that can do justice to the design process, allowing it to become a focal point for the future development of Blundstone."

Investing in this infrastructure in our 150th year is a special milestone for Blundstone and we are grateful to all our partners who have been a part of our growth and success.