Racked looks at how Blundstone became a footwear staple

Online fashion and retail magazine Racked features Blundstone on the article that went live today titled "From Barns to Barneys: How Blundstone Became a Footwear Staple."

From trendspotters in Canada to Italy, Sweden and fans of all ages in Israel, this article looks at how Blundstone's popularity in recent years has gone from just farmers and outdoor-sy types to luxury shoppers and fashionable people in all locales.

It looks at Blundstone's recent history and how retailers in the US have started to carry the brand - including Barneys & Nordstrom who carry Blundstone boots in-store.   

View the full article at http://www.racked.com/2016/12/15/13877416/blundstone-footwear